6 reasons to Remove Popcorn Ceiling from your Home

If you’ve been living with popcorn ceilings for a while, you might be wondering why everyone is suddenly talking about removing them. Well, there are actually quite a few compelling reasons to get rid of that dated look – and we’re not just talking about aesthetics. Here are 7 solid reasons to remove your popcorn ceiling once and for all.

1. Popcorn ceilings are ugly

In our opinion popcorn ceilings are ugly and popcorn ceiling removal should be a crime! Unfortunately popcorned coved walls are still common in many homes throughout the world; they hark back to an era when the 1980s was considered the height of décor. But don’t despair, you can transform your drab popcorn ceilings into smooth beautiful ceilings with popcorn ceiling removal – your home will then be brought into the present decade. If you’re looking for an enjoyable weekend project, popcorn ceiling removal could be just the challenge you have been seeking.

2. They’re hard to clean

Popcorn ceilings may look interesting and retro, but let me tell you, they don’t make for the most convenient home accessory. Sure, they might be easy to install but when it comes time to clean them, oh boy! Anyone who’s had popcorn ceilings in their house knows that they are a dreaded chore. Trying to clean those pesky popcorn chunks is one of the great pains of homeownership – at least until you call in professional help that is. But hey, once you get started on tackling popcorn ceilings you can probably get some popcorn while you’re at it – just ask whoever is helping you!

3. They can contain asbestos

You might be under the false assumption that asbestos removal can take a “no problemo” approach, but beware! Asbestos fibers can remain in your home or building if it is not removed properly. If asbestos becomes disturbed due to something like stubborn stain removal or an inappropriate DIY asbestos removal project, it can become airborne and released into the atmosphere. So when it comes to asbestos, be smart and seek out the assistance of a qualified asbestos removal professional!

4. They’re not soundproof

For those who are considering drywall as a soundproofing solution, I’m sorry to break it to you: drywall does not magically turn any given space into a soundproof cocoon. Sure, drywall can go far in cutting down noise levels and muffling sounds, but it’s not always enough, especially with more extreme sources of noise like that pesky neighbor’s kid who just won’t keep quiet no matter how many times you ask them to. So if soundproofing is what you’re after, it’s better to look into more specialized options — drywall may help but it’s probably not the best way to go.

5. They absorb dust

Dust is a pesky problem that we never asked for, yet it still manages to make its way into our homes and settle on surfaces, particularly popcorn ceilings. Unfortunately, popcorn ceilings not only look outdated, but they also soak up dust like a sponge! Despite having fans or regularly opening windows to allow fresh air in, nothing seems to stop the dust from adhering to popcorn ceilings. It’s enough to make you think about covering popcorn ceilings with a sheet – at least then the dust will be out of sight and out of mind!

6. They attract bugs

Popcorn ceilings have been an annoying problem for homeowners for decades, though some might say it is actually the popcorn itself that is causing many a problem. Not only do popcorn ceilings attract dust and dirt, but they also can be quite a magnet for the bug population. You may think that popcorn ceilings are just dusting problems when they start to come down or discolor – but those pesky bugs may be giving it a helping (or should I say ‘bugging’) hand. Be sure to keep your popcorn ceilings well-maintained and pest free!


If you have a popcorn ceiling, chances are good that you’re not thrilled about it. After all, they’re pretty ugly. They’re also hard to clean and can even contain asbestos. Not to mention, they don’t do anything to improve the sound quality in your home and actually absorb dust. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve even been known to attract bugs! If you’re ready to get rid of your popcorn ceiling once and for all, contact Popcorn Ceiling Removal of Atlanta. We’ll safely and professionally remove your popcorn ceiling so you can enjoy a beautiful, smooth ceiling – without any of the hassle.

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