Is it worth getting a Popcorn Ceiling Removed?

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Do you cringe when you see your popcorn ceiling in your home? A popcorn ceiling can make a room look tired and old. The room will look much better if the texture is removed. Is it worth it?

A popcorn ceiling can be removed to increase your home’s value. It can also be affected by certain circumstances.

A smaller home might not be the best place to spend renovation money on popcorn ceiling removal. A fresh coat of paint might be a better choice, provided it is in good condition. A smaller home is more affordable to renovate and buyers might not consider the ceiling texture a problem.

You can remove the popcorn texture from your home if you are looking to quickly sell it. Homes that don’t need any work will be offered to homebuyers. This could make the difference between a home being put on the market and one that is sold in a matter of days.

Also, property appearance and condition are important. A popcorn ceiling is not likely to be an issue if your home has been well maintained and has had a new coat of paint. A popcorn ceiling is an additional thing that buyers may need to consider if there are renovations needed.

What is a Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings were popularized in the 1950s and 1960s as a textured or acoustic ceiling. Popcorn ceilings were designed to prevent sound from moving from one room to the next. The heavy texture was quickly discovered by builders as a way to hide imperfections in ceiling surfaces.

Original texture was made from white asbestos fibers. They were mixed with paint, sprayed on the ceiling or rolled onto it. The Clean Air Act prohibited the use of asbestos fibers. Manufacturers and contractors were permitted to use existing inventories.

Asbestos fibers can be found in ceilings that were textured to the 1980s. Anyone trying to remove these fibers could be at risk of becoming ill. Modern popcorn ceilings are made using Styrofoam or paper-based products.

What are the Benefits of Removing Popcorn Texture?

You may wonder why popcorn texture should be removed if it is still in good condition. There are many reasons to remove popcorn texture.

  • Older Appearance Today’s design aesthetic favours clear lines and clean surfaces. Modern home buyers will not be attracted to a ceiling with a lot of texture. Even if the design is contemporary, it can date the space.
  • Potentially Hazardous Ceilings that were textured between the 1950s and the 1980s could be made of asbestos fibers. Experts say that if the surface is covered with a layer of paint, it should be safe. How long can it last in good condition?
  • Condition Even though the ceiling was installed 30 years ago, its condition could be in question. There may be bald areas where repairs have been made. You may notice a loose texture in other areas.
  • Cleaning — One of the greatest problems with a popcorn ceiling, is its difficulty in cleaning. It can’t be washed down. Dust can stick to larger texture lumps. Repainting it is sometimes the best way to make it look new.

How can popcorn ceilings be removed?

It can be messy and difficult to remove the popcorn texture. The process can create a mess and take longer than you might think.

The simplest method of removing dust is to cover all floors and furniture with plastic. This covers fine dust and prevents it from getting into fabrics or cracks on the floors. The ceiling is then sprayed with water to soften it. Next, you will need to scrape the surface in order to remove any texturing.

The homeowner must decide what to do about the ceiling’s smoother surface after the texture has been removed. A rough surface is left behind by the removal process. You can paint or resurface it with a more refined texture, but not as heavy.

Professionals should handle the removal of popcorn ceilings. Although the process may seem simple, professional workers can complete the task faster and more efficiently. The professionals have the experience and tools to complete the task without causing damage to the ceiling.

Give Have Paint Brush Will Travel a call if you’re ready to get rid of those old popcorn ceilings. We are experts in removing that thick texture. Since 2005, we have proudly served Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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